Basement Renovation and Dealing With Mold

Basement Renovation and Dealing With Mold

The basement is one of the most useless places in the home, but not anymore. Nowadays, homeowners have found great ways to transform their basement into a dynamic living space. If you are considering doing basement renovations, you need to consider many different issues. One such common problem is mold growth. The basement is a breeding ground for mold thanks to it damp nature. Mold can cause quite a number of health problems and some types of mold have been linked with sudden infant death syndrome. So you want to make sure that you address this issue.

Other symptoms of mold include infections, flu and triggering allergies. As a matter of fact, many of the health problems related to sick building syndrome are caused by mold. To this end, it becomes imperative that you address any mold-related issues before starting your basement renovation project.

Basement Renovation and Dealing With Mold

In most cases, you only discover mold growth when you attempt to renovate a basement. Many times, molds grow undetected. For some homeowners, the basement is more like a dump site and they completely avoid going into the area. if you’ve already gone halfway with your basement renovations project and then you discover mold, it can render the entire renovation process useless. Failure to address the issue at an early stage will cost you a fortune to put right in the future. And this might come after it has eaten deep into items and other areas of the home as well as causing health deficiencies. Detecting mold growth in your basement at an early stage before the renovation will end up saving you a lot more money.

In this case, your first task is to get rid of mold before you start your basement renovation. Of course, mold can be toxic so you need to apply extra care and caution when dealing with it. Make sure you have safety gear including eye protectors and a respiratory mask. You can’t handle the task yourself if there is a lot of molds. To this end, you need a professional to perform the task. A general rule is that if the space you’re dealing with is more than 10 sq ft, then you should consult a professional

If you decide to go about eradicating mold without professional help then there are certain ways to do that. Mix water and bleach or water and vinegar in a bottle. Now spray the affected area with the solution and leave it for half an hour. Then rinse the mold off. Fortunately, there are lots of effective solutions on the market to choose from. So if you are confused on how to mix the solution, you can opt for this simple method. This will not only leave your basement mold free but also ensure that it never comes back again. For the solution to be effective, you have to eliminate any source of moisture and dampness from your basement. If there is any leakage that allows water into the basement, you will need to fix it

If you’re considering basement renovations, it is best to hire a professional company that specializes in basement renovations. You don’t need to work yourself out – leave it to a professional.


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