Correct Ways to Install Stainless Steel Nails into Woodwork

Correct Ways to Install Stainless Steel Nails into Woodwork

Are you into the woodwork? You may be a professional carpenter or one who loves to do woodwork as a hobby. Have you noticed that if you are an artisan by hobby, when you drive a nail into the wood, it might have spilled? As you know nails made of stainless steel are popular in woodwork but do you know how to drive them incorrectly to save your wood?

Correct Ways to Install Stainless Steel Nails into Woodwork

How can you drive stainless steel nails into wood without splitting it?

When it comes to stainless steel nails, you will find they are mostly used in the field of woodwork. However, when you are driving the nail into the wood, flatten the point of the nail to avoid splitting.

This is chiefly because the chisel point of the nail forces through the wood and its fibers split in the process. Most professionals in the field might think otherwise, however, this small trick does work when you are using stainless steel nails for woodwork.

The wood is intact and you face no fears of splitting. If you check the market, you often come across some cut nails that have the flattened points built in. These nails go inside the wood better. They have the ability to twist and turn as they go in. This means the wood will not split. They give you a better and stronger grip.

What about square stainless-steel heads?

When you are using square stainless-steel heads, you need to drill in a pilot hole. The drill hole has to be of the right size. It needs to be equal to the median width of the stainless-steel nail.

The pilot hole should not be as deep as the length of the hole. In case you drill the nail to the entire length of the nail, you have created a path for it and this weakens the power of the nail being held intact.

You should drill to the wood where the nail will be attached like the face frame or the backboard. It should be drilled into the second surface through the case sides or the shelves. The second hole is a shallow one that guides the nail. It leaves enough space for the wood to be intact for a better grip at the end of the nail.

Make sure the stainless-steel nails are driven in the wood correctly with time and patience

Square stainless-steel nails are wider in a direction over the other. This is why it is important for the nails to be driven incorrectly. You should use the wide section of the nail that has the grain. In case, the wide section of the nail cuts across the grain, the wood is likely to split. This is because you are hammering steel into the wood.

Keep these small tips in mind when you are using stainless steel nails for your woodwork projects. Always invest in top quality nails that will give you value for money and durability for a long time.


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