How to Prevent Bedroom Design Blunders and Create a Calm Retreat?

How to Prevent Bedroom Design Blunders and Create a Calm Retreat

Planning to refurbish your bedroom? Here are some common pitfalls regarding the design you need to avoid. Ensure to plan the bedroom space perfectly with storage and shelving options to create a tranquil and calm atmosphere.

How to Prevent Bedroom Design Blunders and Create a Calm Retreat

How to prevent the common bedroom design blunders?

The bed is too large

A large bed is obviously luxurious but before you buy one, ensure to check how much bedroom floor space this king size will take.

There needs to be sufficient space on both sides of the bed to walk comfortably without squeezing sideways. Be realistic about the room size and choose the bed size in proportion to space.

Does your path get obstructed when your spouse has the wardrobe doors open?

While designing, think about high traffic areas and walkways to ensure they are not obstructed. Opt for fitted sliding doors to give you clearer footpaths.

Insufficient storage for clothes

There are two main requirements to consider while planning fitted bedroom furniture. One is to make it look attractive and the other is to ensure sufficient storage space for your clothes and accessories. An elegant armoire may match your bedroom style perfectly but can lack the capacity to store clothes the way you want it to.

Before making a rushed purchase, check how many clothes you have and write down the hanging space needed. Don’t forget about shoes, ties, and jewelry as well. Built-in walk-in wardrobes are perfect if you have tones of clothes that desperately need organizing!

Forgetting plug sockets

The worst designing flaw is forgetting to add electrical points. In the past, a double socket behind your bed was enough but today we tend to add extensions and overloaded it with messy wires. If you are planning to refurbish then make a list of gadgets you will regularly use to ensure you have sufficient outlets.

Unused areas

Most bedrooms in the loft have annoying slopes, nooks, and corners and designing a bedroom here can be a difficult task. Bespoke fitted wardrobes are perfect for making use of these areas and leaving your loft room with perfectly fitted furniture. Fitted furniture slotted into difficult slopes and eves are extremely aesthetically pleasing to look at as well.

Cluttered desk in the bedroom

Having an office area in your bedroom, piled with work is not good for peace of mind and relaxation. The desk should not clutter your sleeping area, so choose a stylish custom-made fitted desk that matches your bedroom theme with lots of storage to keep your papers organized. Thus, everything can be concealed and out of sight after completing your office work.


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